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Whether you’re pulling into your own driveway or approaching a business, the exterior paint job goes a long way in establishing a welcoming and attractive facade. That’s why you don’t want to let your exterior paint jobs crack, peel, or fade.we are painting all types siding .aluminum ,vinyl,wood.brick,stucco ,cedar shigles

At BC Painting & Carpentry, we not only specialize in interior paint jobs for residential and commercial buildings, we can also redo your home or business’ exterior so that it stands out in the neighborhood. We are also licensed to work with lead paint, and our two-year warranty also guarantees your paint job for the foreseeable future.


What we do

  1. The first step in the process is to power-wash and remove any existing dirt, grime and/or mildew from its surface.

  2. Once the wash is complete, our crew will return to begin work on the removal of the existing paint and stain on your home’s exterior. Some houses require more aggressive scraping and sanding, or striped removal depending on its condition.

  3. Our crew will check around your home for wood rot. Any rotted or questionable boards will be replaced, to ensure a long lasting and aesthetically pleasing finished product. we use best  products on the market but if we are installing them on rotted wood they will not last. We will make sure your wood is in good condition before moving ahead.

  4. When the surface of your home is clear we apply calking around doors, windows, and any other areas with cracks that might otherwise allow moisture to get through.

  5. Once the preparation work is complete, you will be asked to walk around the house with our crew foreman to verify that this work has been done to your satisfaction. Only after this has been done will our workers move forward with the subsequent steps.

  6. Once your home is washed scraped, sanded and sealed, we will be ready to apply a full coat of oil base prime. This can be sprayed, brushed, or rolled on depending on the surface material and area to which it is being applied.

  7. We are now ready to start painting. We offer thousands of types of paint along with a color book unless you would like us to match your house’s existing color.

  8. We now apply a finishing coat of latex paint, sprayed, brushed, or rolled on depending on the surface material and area to which it is being applied.

Clean-Up and Final Walk-Around.

Even when our crew has finished painting our job is not done yet. All trash and construction materials will be removed, and the property surrounding your home will be left just as it was when we arrived- sometimes better! Once the clean-up has taken place, to ensure your satisfaction, the owner of BC Painting will always accompany the client for a walk-around to confirm that all work was complete. You will then be asked to fill out our Job Completion & Customer Satisfaction Form. Only then will your job be considered finished, and we will leave you to soak up the compliments on your fresh exterior from your friends and neighbors.

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